Features of JINPAT SPT Hollow Shaft Slip Rings

2022-05-10 21:51 JINPAT Electroncis

SPT slip rings is a branch of JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings which is specially designed to accommodates the client’s special requirements. The electronic performance and structure of this series is a bit different from those of the JINPAT LPT series. Take JINPAT SPT050 series for instance, it is the first JINPAT slip ring series that has the modular integration capacity. JINPAT SPT050 slip ring has a unique extensive module that allows integration with fiber optic rotary joints, signal slip rings and radio frequency slip ring inside the through-bore structure that can bestow the slip ring model with special function.

Aside from the flexible module design, JINPAT Electronics also takes bold step to apply new material and innovation structure in the SPT slip ring series. A full cycle test of the new materials was run on the SPT slip rings before being applied to the LPT series. As a sub-branch of the JINPAT LPT through bore slip ring, JINPAT SPT slip ring also has standard models and custom models. The custom design SPT slip rings are multifunctional integrated slip rings.

In terms of technical characteristics, JINPAT SPT slip ring series is very similar to the LPT series. The custom solutions are compatible in these two. However, client can choose eco-friendly engineer plastic as housing materials to lower the cost. JINPAT manage to lower the cost of the SPT slip rings while remaining the standard and function of the LPT slip rings that most adopt metal housing.

JINPAT Electronics, as an historical slip ring manufacturer, has never stopped advancing our slip ring product. JINPAT has put great effort in experimenting with new structures and new materials in order to bring better products to our clients.