Application of photoelectric integrated slip ring in laser processing equipment industry

As a professional supplier of rotating conductive solutions, JINPAT Electronics has a considerable technical accumulation in the field of photoelectric slip rings.

Brief Introduction of JINPAT USB Slip Rings

As a pioneer in China’s slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics has accumulated abundant experience in developing USB slip rings.

Features of JINPAT SPT Hollow Shaft Slip Rings

SPT slip rings is a branch of JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings which is specially designed to accommodates the client’s special requirements.

JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings for Surveillance Camera

For surveillance camera, JINPAT Electronics also provides innovative slip ring solutions.

Ship Podded Propeller Slip Rings by JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT Electronics has provided numerous versatile slip rings for application that requirement transmission of power, signals, fluid and gas.

JINPAT Photoelectric Integrated Slip Rings for Heavy Machinery

INPAT Electronics is a historical slip ring manufacturer. JINPAT has developed many photoelectric slip ring models for the heavy industry machines.

JINPAT Slip Rings for EV Charging Station

And slip rings, as a component that can enable 360-degree rotation while maintaining a stable and reliable power transmission, play a major part in the EV charging station.

Brief Introduction of Super Miniature Slip Rings and Typical Applications

JINPAT Super Miniature Slip Rings, also known as the LPMS series, represent the slip ring model with the smallest figure among all the JINPAT slip ring products.

JINPAT LPR Pin Connection Slip Ring Introduction

JINPAT LPR Pin Connection Slip Ring gets its name from its special structure. Instead of lead wires, it adopts pins. JINPAT LPR Pin Connection Slip Rings comply to the RoHs Standards.

JINPAT Integrated Slip Rings for Offshore Engineering Equipment

As a slip ring expert, JINPAT Electronics comes up with many optical slip ring models that receive good reputation among the clients.