JINPAT Electronics Multi-Channel Capsule Slip Ring and Custom Solutions

Among JINPAT Capsule Slip Rings, LPC-56, LPC-76 and LPC-125 are the three models that have the largest numbers of channels. And there are some related custom solutions.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Broadcasting Vehicles

And slip rings play important part in the broadcasting vehicle. JINPAT Electronics as a slip ring manufacturer, has developed many slip ring models for broadcasting vehicles.

JINPAT Integrated Pancake Slip Rings

JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring is a typical slip ring branch of the standard slip ring family. And given their structure, the flat slip rings are very flexible to be integrated.

JINPAT Electronics Slip Rings for High-End Medical Applications

There are more and more rising giants in the medical application industry. JINPAT as a slip ring manufacturer, has provided numerous custom slip ring solutions for medical devices.

Slip Rings for Astronaut Training Equipment

And in the astronauts’ daily training, there are lots of electronic facilities that demand slip rings as rotary parts.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Military Devices

With the mature and improving product standard and quality, JINPAT also provides slip rings for military devices. And the genre are custom slip rings that answer to harsh demands.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Intelligent Cooking Machines

JINPAT Capsule Slip Ring for Intelligent Cooking Machine

JINPAT Slip Rings for Marine Industry

For various marine applications, JINPAT Electronics provides custom slip ring solutions.

JINPAT Latest Models of Capsule Slip Rings

JINPAT New Capsule Slip Rings. Full-round Upgrade.

What Are Rotary Unions and How They Function

Rotary unions allow pass of fluid and gas like coolant, fuel, beverage, Nitrogen and air, etc. in a system.