JINPAT Electronics entered into slip ring field in 1996. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of slip rings.
JINPAT has a senior R&D team that consists of numerous engineers who have ever worked in multinational companies or famous insititutes, which are committed to the development and manufacturing of high-quality slip rings that improve system performance and prevent damage to the wires as they rotate.
R&D Prowess

Every year JINPAT invests 15%-20% of its profit into doing research&development. There are about 100 experienced engineers in the R&D team.
Technology capacity

JINPAT slip rings can satisfy demands in high protection grade,
explosion-proof and shock proof, representing high-tech capacity.
JINPAT has already acquired 60 international certificates and qualifications.
JINPAT establishes itself for its independent R&D ability
Quality Standards
JINPAT provide fluid sealing solutions with the reliability and durability needed for today's high-tech military and defense applications
Application of video
High Frequency Slip Rings(Military)
Finer Optic Rotary Joints(Electro-optical pod)
Construcion Machinery Slip rings(Electric excavator)
Capsule Slip Rings (Video Surveill ance)
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The Solution

JINPAT Electronics Sponsor for RoboMaster

In the 2022 RoboMasters, JINPAT Electronics takes part in it as a slip ring sponsor.

JINPAT Electronics Multi-Functional Integrated Slip Rings

Both slip rings and rotary unions are most custom products for there are many details should be adjusted according to the installation platforms. Over 90% of JINPAT’s production are custom slip rings

JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Manufacturer for Professional Testing Devices and Equipment

Testing devices are essential in the scientific research and industrial production process. As there is demand for 360-degree rotary transmission, a compatible slip ring is needed.
Product News

JINPAT Electronics Module Design Slip Rings for Military Equipment

As an established slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has a large quantity of slip rings for military devices. Some of these slip rings are for traditional weapons and others are for new military devices.

Latest JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring

JINPAT Electronics has published a latest high frequency slip ring, LPHF-01K is a product with high peak power.

LPMS-05/08D Smallest Slip Rings by JINPAT Electronics

Among all the JINPAT slip ring, the LPMS super miniature slip ring branch is with the smallest size. And of this category, LPMS-05D and LPMS-08D happened to the tiniest.