JINPAT Electronics entered into slip ring field in 1996. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of slip rings.
JINPAT has a senior R&D team that consists of numerous engineers who have ever worked in multinational companies or famous insititutes, which are committed to the development and manufacturing of high-quality slip rings that improve system performance and prevent damage to the wires as they rotate.
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The Solution

JINPAT Electrical Slip Rings Brief Introduction

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer. We are specialized in developing and producing slip rings, rotary joints and rotary unions.

JINPAT Photo-electronic Integrated Slip Rings for Multi-axis Simulators

A photo-electronic integrated slip ring is an electrical slip ring with an integrated optical rotary joint.

JINPAT Hybrid Hydraulic Pneumatic Electrical Slip Rings

INPAT Electronics has developed hybrid hydraulic pneumatic electrical rotary joint.
Product News

JINPAT Separate Slip Ring with Large Through-Bore Diameter

Among all the slip ring series produced by JINPAT Electronics, separate slip ring LPS series does not get much attention as the others.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Marine Podded Propulsion and Steering System

To transmit power from power control center to the rotary podded propulsion system a slip ring is installed. JINPAT provides marine propulsion slip rings.

JINPAT Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Rotary Unions and Hybrid Slip Ring Solutions

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer. JINPAT provides 360-degree rotary transmission solutions to various applications and industries. Electrical slip rings and rotary joints...
Application of video
Marine engineering application
Surveillance Application
Robotics Applications