Brand Story OF JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring manufacturer that specialized in producing slip rings and rotary joints.

Slip rings are essential electrical components. They allow power and signal to transmit between stationary part and rotary parts. Slip rings nowadays are widely applied in various industry. Slip rings in short, are ubiquitous.   

However, at the very beginning, technology in manufacturing slip rings was quite immature. And the development of electronics products and the advancement of automated manufacture were desperate for slip rings that can fit their requirements. Slip ring industry was still a very juvenile one, especially in China and there were many technology bottlenecks in it.

JINPAT spotted the niche and began its journey of developing slip rings, bearing its resolution to make slip rings in high quality and well-fit to the application terminals. Since its establishment, JINPAT has toiled in the field of slip rings. We value innovation, so we have put great efforts in doing R&D of the slip rings. Now, our hard work pays off. JINPAT has off-the-shelf slip ring models that cover a broad spectrum: capsule slip rings, miniature slip rings, through hole slip rings, pancake slip rings, separate slip rings, fiber optic rotary joints and hydraulic/ pneumatic rotary joints, etc. Not only have we managed to cover slip rings for different purpose, also we have been and will be still improving the mechanical performances of our slip ring products.

Our R&D team has never stopped running tests of the slip rings products. We aim to bring up slip rings with longer service life, more stable rotation as well as reliable transmission. To better satisfy our customer’s individual needs, JINPAT also provides custom slip ring solutions. We have many successful cases and our clients are satisfied with our services and slip rings. The client’s smile is a recognition of our great job and also builds the solid ground JINPAT is standing on today

Our customer service department is available 24/7 to answer your questions about specific products, such as an HD-SDI, Ethernet slip rings, or USB slip rings. Whatever it is, we are at your service! Connect with us today and get all the answers to your enquires. We have recently expanded our facilities to handle the growing numbers of customers better. Currently, JINPAT offers the following product line of slip rings:

Production Line: