APPLICATION - Offshore Equipment
In recent years, in order to develop marine resources and promote industries such as deep-sea mining and marine energy power generation, marine engineering equipment such as precision marine propeller system and marine crane are needed. As an important part of marine equipment, conductive slip ring has been widely used in military and civil equipment such as shipboard and shore based equipment. Marine engineering equipment not only requires that the slip ring can stably transmit signal and power, but also more stringent requirements on salt spray resistance, humidity and temperature, high precision and so on. Typical applications: marine propulsion system, port machinery, oil drilling platform, marine surveillance ship, scientific research ship and marine machinery.
JINPAT LPA series slip rings for offshore equipment is a kind of slip ring that through the effective combination of (photoelectric / high frequency + electricity), special waterproof sealing structure design and surface treatment process are adopted, with heat dissipation and automatic heating device. The power brush is made of imported graphite alloy, and the maximum rated current can be up to 1500A. It has high conductivity, long service life, salt spray prevention, acid resistance, corrosion prevention, stable performance, convenient maintenance, high protection grade (IP68), high and low temperature resistance (- 55 ℃ + 120 ℃), anti vibration, anti impact, high voltage resistance, low electrical noise and extremely low signal transmission loss. JINPAT LPA series slip ring for marine equipment has the advantages of convenient use, reasonable structure, stable signal transmission, high safe current carrying, reliable operation and optional size (aperture size up to 900mm or customized). It is an ideal supporting equipment for marine equipment, which helps customers effectively solve the transmission of various signals in harsh service environment and meet the power supply demand of ships. Model includes LPA000-04100-01PE-0310-10S, LPA350-03200-01PE, LPA000-03600-01PE, etc
Features and Benefits:
1. Photoelectric / high frequency and electrical integration 2. Multi channel power supply, differential signal, network signal, HD video 3. Synchronous transmission of optical fiber signals 4. The signal loop and power loop adopt physical isolation design, and the signal has good anti-interference 5. High voltage, stable electrical performance 6. Equipped with heat dissipation device and automatic heating device 7. The shell is made of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance materials 8. Long service life and customizable 9. The external box is provided with a removable maintenance window to facilitate regular internal cleaning and convenient maintenance

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JINPAT Electronics is well qualified to provide slip rings with specific purposes to serve the port infrastructure.

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