We work directly with our clients to find out the best custom slip ring solutions.

Our custom slip ring solutions fit right to the client’s needs.

Advantages of JINPAT Large Current Slip Rings

Compared to standard slip ring, this large current type has salient features of its own. Now let’s see the advantages and features of this slip ring type.

JINPAT Electronics Slip Rings Provider for Medical Robots

JINPAT slip rings, upon special demand, are able to transfer power, signals, fluid and gas while sustaining a 360-degree rotation. JINPAT has slip ring solutions for medical robots.

Highly Integrated Slip Rings for Construction Machines

Aside from the commercial industry, JINPAT slip rings are also installed in many heavy industrial equipment and machines.

What JINPAT Slip Rings Fit for Robots

JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring manufacturer with long history. JINPAT Electronics has a wide range of standard slip rings that can serve different applications. Slip rings function to solve the ...

JINPAT Electronics Integrated Fluid and Electrical Slip Ring Solutions

Rotary unions and electrical slip rings are two kinds of essential components for today’s automated production industry. However, modern manufacturing demand a more complex rotary transmission.

JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings for Surveillance Camera

For surveillance camera, JINPAT Electronics also provides innovative slip ring solutions.

JINPAT Large Volume Slip Rings for Construction Machines

JINPAT provides both standard slip ring models and custom solution. Today, we are going to look at a typical custom slip ring solution for construction machines.

JINPAT Electronics Radio Frequency Slip Rings

JINPAT high frequency slip ring series is coded as LPHF or LPCC. Slip ring of this branch features high rate transmission, interference-free and low package loss.

Ship Podded Propeller Slip Rings by JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT Electronics has provided numerous versatile slip rings for application that requirement transmission of power, signals, fluid and gas.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Recreation Facilities

Most of the recreation facilities need slip ring to enable power support and signal transmission while allowing the facility joints to rotate as programmed.

JINPAT Slip Rings for EV Charging Station

And slip rings, as a component that can enable 360-degree rotation while maintaining a stable and reliable power transmission, play a major part in the EV charging station.

JINPAT LPR Pin Connection Slip Ring Introduction

JINPAT LPR Pin Connection Slip Ring gets its name from its special structure. Instead of lead wires, it adopts pins. JINPAT LPR Pin Connection Slip Rings comply to the RoHs Standards.

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