APPLICATION - Construction Machinery
Construction machinery is an important part of the international equipment industry. Generally speaking, all comprehensive mechanical equipment required for earthwork construction, pavement construction and maintenance, mobile lifting and loading and unloading operations and various construction projects need the help of slip rings. The slip rings of construction machinery are the one developed by Shenzhen JINPAT Electronics specialty for mechanized equipment

In order to ensure that the construction machinery slip ring can work in extreme environment, the slip ring adopts metal shell protection and special sealing structure, and the protection grade can reach IP68 at most.
The interior adopts high seismic design, and the seismic strength is ≥ 4.5g.
The special low temperature resistant design ensures that the slip ring can work normally from - 50 degree to + 120 degree, and the power ring can overload 600A current at most.
The slip ring with encoder, sensor and angle limit function can also be designed according to customer requirements to completely solve the requirements of high power output, signal transmission, waterproof, dustproof and low temperature resistance.
Typical product models include LPTS000-0330-1105-SY25, LPTS000-0330-1305, etc
Features and Advantages:
1. Compact structure, flexible installation, high reliability, and adapts to long-time work 2. High protection grade (IP65), suitable for dusty and exposed slip ring working environment 3. Alloy brush structure, precious metal contact, excellent electrical conductivity and low signal transmission loss 4. High seismic structure design, adapts to high vibration working environment 5. Special low temperature resistant design, wide working temperature range: - 55 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃. 6. Conductive slip ring with encoder, potentiometer and angle function can be designed according to requirements 7. The power can reach 600A, and the number of signal rings and line connection mode can be customized according to requirements 8. The mold has been opened within 18 circuits so that the delivery cycle is short while the product consistency is high
9. The service life of the product is very long and maintenance is free within 2 years..

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