Unmanned aircraft, referred to as "UAV", is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-contained program control device. In addition to military applications, UAVs are widely used in civil fields, especially unmanned multi rotor aircraft. The application fields include map mapping, disaster monitoring, film shooting, express logistics, etc.

The LPS series slip ring of JINPAT is composed of separated rotor and contact brush.
The rotor part can be equipped with holes for shaft installation, which is convenient for customers to install and use. According to the use conditions, there are 2-15 channels to choose from, the maximum speed can reach 2000rpm, the single channel current is more than 2A, and the signal transmission is stable.
Through the use of this series of slip rings, the functions of efficient maneuvering and rapid picture capture of UAV under high speed conditions are realized.
Typical products include LPS-06A/B,and LPS-12A/12B.

Features and advantages:
1. The standard module can be loaded to meet the transmission of power and signal at the same time 2. Advanced fiber brush technology is adopted and maintenance free and lubricating oil is not required 3. Multi point contact of each circuit, low contact pressure and low contact wear 4. Special groove design is adopted with smooth rotation and low electrical noise 5. American military surface gold plating process is adopted to ensure super long service life 6. The overall dimensions are diverse and suitable for different customer needs 7. Small size and easy installation 8. Up to 30 kinds of signal transmission such as USB, HDMI, SDI, Ethernet, RS422, etc, with 360 ° unrestricted rotation