APPLICATION - Charing Pile
Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular.
There are two charging modes of electric vehicles: professional charging station and household socket charging. Household socket charging takes a long time, professional charging station is expensive, covers a large area, and the imperfect charging link is its bottleneck, which can not meet the market demand. In view of the shortcomings of the present art, a vertical circulation three-dimensional mechanical garage with automobile charging function can not only park ordinary cars and electric cars, but also charge electric cars.
The application of the slip ring of the charging pile effectively solves the problem that the vertical circulating three-dimensional mechanical garage with the function of automobile charging can continuously charge and wind all the cars in the garage while converting the car basket 360 degrees
In order to make charging more convenient for users, BYD Company has created a new generation of vertical three-dimensional charging station integrating parking and charging for new energy vehicles, in which the conductive slip ring specially designed by JINPAT company for BYD plays an important role, so as to realize uninterrupted charging after parking of new energy vehicles, and solve the double troubles of users' parking and charging. The slip ring of the charging pile is a kind of hollow shaft slip ring of JINPAT LPT series. The current is from 2A to 300A, and the through hole is optional from 12.7mm to 500mm. Simultaneous interpreting is reliable under very low friction. The advanced cluster brush type multi-point contact is adopted to fully satisfy different transmission schemes.
JINPAT charging pile slip ring advantage:
1. The protection grade can be up to IP68; High speed models are optional, up to 2500 rpm; The service life is more than 10 years. 2. Life cycle maintenance free. 3. Different electrical path combination slip rings can be provided. 4. Mixed transmission of Ethernet, USB, RS, CANbus, FireWire and other signals. 5. LPT140-0563-TS and LPT140-02130-0206-08S have been put into practical application and have been highly praised by customers.