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Application of conductive slip ring in the field of aerospace vehicles
Space slip ring is the electrical transmission device of space vehicle. It is the preferred scheme for power and signal transmission in the process of 360 degree infinite rotation of relative rotating parts.
As one of the basic parts in high-end aerospace technology, the slip ring is used for aerospace current and data transmission.
The design is difficult due to the size limitation of installation space, the number of multiple channels and high use frequency. Few domestic manufacturers can produce mature products.
The reliability and working life of the conductive slip ring are related to the success or failure of the on orbit mission of the aircraft.
It is one of the few single point failure devices on various spacecraft. Once it fails, it may cause energy loss and even catastrophic accidents
The voltage drop and electric noise index of space slip ring directly affect the working performance of space slip ring in space.
Therefore, the performance index of space slip ring is very important.
Since JINPAT has successfully developed the first generation of aerospace slip ring, the second generation of aerospace slip ring has added air passing slip ring in the integration of success rate ring, control signal ring, differential signal, network signal, discrete signal, high frequency signal and optical fiber signal, and the overall size is reduced by 60% while the weight is reduced by 50%. Based on the technology and experience in the field of conductive slip ring,
JINPAT seeks innovation in technology and process, and strives to improve the manufacturing level of aerospace slip ring and brand awareness in the industry.

Technical highlights and Advantages:
1. Working environment: applicable to high and cold environment (- 55 ℃ to + 70 ℃, altitude 21336 meters and above, protection grade IP65), meeting BJ150-86 environmental test methods for military equipment and G1063-2008 test methods for airborne suspension devices; 2. The high-frequency rotary joint adopts through-hole non-contact type, with small rotating torque, low loss and long service life; 3. Multi channel power supply, differential signal, network signal, HD video, optical fiber signal, etc. are transmitted synchronously. The signal ring and power ring adopt physical isolation design and the signal has good anti-interference; 4. The shell is made of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance materials; 5. Aviation connectors are used at both ends of the collector ring to ensure reliable contact; 6. Split seismic structure is adopted inside, with 5 swivel joints integrated (135 rings in total), which has been verified by customers to meet the requirements of vibration, impact, EMC and electromagnetic compatibility. Typical application fields: photoelectric pod, aerospace vehicle

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