Servo System Slip Ring

JINPAT slip ring for servomechanism is used at the servo system to measure the actual position of the mechanical system compared to the control input. For the unit, internal wire diagram and special shielding in modular design make a complete solution for the interference of encoder signal. It can integrate transmission of various signals like control signal / CANBus, Profibus, Profinet, and so on. Integration of gas/liquid rotary joint is supported.


No (encoder signal) interference

Transmit varied signals: Encoder signal, control signal/ CANBus/ Profibus, and Profinet etc.

Stable current & signal transmission

Modular design in internal wire diagram and special shielding, avoids encoder signal interference or code error

Be able to integrate with gas/liquid rotary joint

Isolation between rings: ≥ 45dB


Customization available

Long service life

Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPT130-0830-16S 24 / 380 VAC/ 240 VDC 30A Signal
LPT010-06S 6 / 5 V DC/AC / Signal
LPT000-0415-0406-04S-04A 16 / 24 VDC 2A/15A Signal & Compressed Air
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