Rotary Union

Rotary union manufactured by JINPAT refers to a unit that routes gas and liquid. It provides a solution for simultaneous transmission of power, signal, and gas/liquid in rotary automation equipment. It can integrate electrical slip ring, coax rotary joint, waveguide rotary joint and fiber optic rotary joint to meet more challenges.


Transfer gas, oil and liquid under different pressure

Be able to integrate other rotary joints

Diversified figure

Excellent performance

Superb sealing



Rapid delivery

Custom solution

Technical Ability


Circuit (gas): 16 circuits

Media Compatible: Compressed Air, Oil, Water, and Cooled Liquid



Operating Speed: 0~100 rpm

Housing: Aluminum Alloy/Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel

Torque: ≤0.2 N.m

Pneumatic Pressure: 30 MPa



Temperature: -40~+80

Humidity: 100 %RH

IP 67



Connection Caliber: M5~R1/2

Pipe Diameter: φ16 mm


Life: 5 million turns


*PS: parameters referred above are the maximum values (depending on specific model).

Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPG020-03A 3 ø100 / / /
LPT000-0402-02A 2 ø15 56v / /
LPT000-32S-16A 4 ø100 240 VAC/DC 2 A /
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