Large-current Slip Ring

LPA series is a cluster of slip rings characterized by high current transmission up to 2000A (peak current). It adopts state-of-the-art technology with special design to meet different requirements of multifarious fields. Moreover, the large welding strength of its base between support plate and foot is validated by the simulation test. Strictly speaking, it is a customer-specific part designed exclusively for special application where high-current transmission is required particularly.


Analog/data signal and high-current transmission or integrated transmission is available

Anti-corrosion, moisture and shock resistant

World-class fine carbon brush with safe loading 

High explosion-proof level

Convenient heat dissipation and easy maintenance


Long service life

Diversified figure

Supporting customization with quick delivery


Technical Ability


Circuits: 1~132circuits

Electric & Electronic

Current Rating: 1000A per circuit

Voltage Rating: 4000VAC



Operating Speed: 0-100rpm

Inner Diameter: 4mm~980mm

Outer Diameter: 1276mm

Height: 2650mm

Shock Resistance: 40g



Temperature: -55~+120

Humidity: 100%RH

IP: IP66

Explosion-proof: Ex D IIB T3


Life: 5 years


*PS: parameters referred above are the maximum values (depending on specific model).

Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPA000-07100-0310-05S 15 480 230VAC 10-100A 5 circuits signal
LPT000-02200-10180-01100-1660-1210-0202-0205-16S-FO02-HF02 65 390 270VAC 115VAC 10A--200A 20 circuits signal
LPA000-03100-01PE-15S 3 420 480VAC 100-200A 15 circuits signal
LPA000-0250-FO04 6 2*50A
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