Waterproof Slip Rings

  1. Industry Packing Machine
  2. Circuits 2
  3. Operating Speed
  4. Voltage Rating 380VAC/DC
  5. Transmission Medium Transfers Power And Data Signals
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Benefits & Features Specifications


This unit can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. It is also called a rotary electrical interface, commutator, collector, swivel or an electrical rotary joint.


1. Compact design.

2. Liquid/ pneumatic with electrical slip ring combination.

3. Transfer power and various signal for electrical part.

4. Reliable after sales service and maintenance free.

5. High work speed and big pressure as per special demand.

The slip ring is the integrated precision conductive slip ring with aluminum alloy or stainless steel, Which support voltage 380 vac/VDC, the current signal (2 A). 

also the can adapt to underwater work for a long time, IP class up to IP68, the housing can be fully using stainless steel sealed design, deep water can meet the underwater 15000 meters operation.


Compared with similar waterproof slip ring with high rotation accuracy, more stable performance, longer life features. The contact materials using precious metals + hard gold-plated treatment,small torque, stable operation, small resistance fluctuations, contact resistance is small, to ensure that the excellent transmission performance.


Typical application

Rotary table.

Polishing machine.

Cleaning equipment.

Automation equipment.

Packing machine.


Liquid & pneumatic with electrical slip ring is available.

Liquid or pneumatic channels could be up to 20, electrical circuits can be from 1-48.

Customize liquid or pneumatic tube size to pass different media as per requirement of customer.

Through bore or solid hole is optional

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