LPT025-0615-HV High Voltage Slip Rings

  1. Industry Packaging machine
  2. Circuits
  3. Operating Speed
  4. Voltage Rating
  5. Transmission Medium Transfers Power And Data Signals
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Benefits & Features Specifications


Jinpat has developed a long-term under the environment of high-voltage circuit in the stable operation of the conductive slip ring, specifically designed for certain need 360 °rotating equipment of conductive (high voltage) and developed. Which can be stable transmission of precision signals, weak current, high current, high voltage, signal transmission support Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus and Firewire and other signals. With low torque, low loss maintenance-free; low electrical noise, long life and other major features.


◆ Designed for high pressure equipment;

◆ Supports 1000V, 3000V, 5000V and larger voltage devices;

◆ Maintenance-free, no lubrication, almost no wear, the service life of up to 100 million rotate or higher;

◆ Support high voltage safety work under high pressure;





◆  Number of circuits

◆  Each current and voltage, signal type (if the transmission signal)

◆  Dimension requirements (if required), hollow shaft slip ring to provide inner and outer diameter and length

◆ working speed

◆  Operating temperature

◆  working humidity


◆  Rotary cranes

◆  Rotary cleaners for sewage plants

◆  Carousels

◆  Manipulators

◆  Packaging machines

◆  Radar and antenna plates

◆  Theater stage

◆  Cable reels

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