LPFO-08N Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

  1. Circuits  8 circuit
  2. Electronic & Electrical Optical Signal
  3. Mechanic 400 rpm or higher
  4. Environment -40℃~+65℃
  5. Life  >100 Million Turns


Benefits & Features Specifications


▶ Transmit signal by way of optical fiber, without leakage or electromagnetic interference

  Be able to achieve transmission of networking application in long distance

▶ Light and small 

  Long service life (over 100 million turns), with no contact or friction


Option                                                           Application

Connector Type                                               ● Robotics

● Cable Length                                              ● Vehicle Rotating Turrets

Dimension                                                       ● Radar Antenna

Channel Number                                             ● Medical Equipment

Single Mode/ Multimode / Mixed one              ● Material Conveying System

Outline Drawing


Part NO.LPFO-08N
Channel count8
Fiber typeSM&MM
Package stylePigtails
Insertion loss(dB)<5
IL WOW(dB)<+/-2
Return loss(dB)>40
Crosstalk(dB) -
Pwr handling(dBm)23
Working temp(C) -40 to 65
Storage temp (C) -50 to 85
Connector typeFC/SC/ST/LC
Pressure comp.Optional
Max IP ratingIP 65


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