LPFO-07B Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

  1. Circuits  7 Channels
  2. Electronic & Electrical LPFO-07B
  3. Mechanic 0-100 rpm
  4. Environment -20℃~+65℃
  5. Life  100 Million Turns


Benefits & Features Specifications


Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (LPFO) is to transmit high-speed data between rotating and stationary parts in a system by using optical fiber as media. It can improve the mechanical properties and simplify the system structure to avoid problems resulted from rotation activities. It is also able to integrate with other rotary joints to transfer gas or liquid. 

▶ Be able to integrate with rotary joints routing gas/ liquid

▶ No contact, no friction

▶ Long distance transmission without leakage or eletromagnetic interference

▶ Small and light figure

▶ Working in harsh environment

▶ IP65/68 high protection level 

▶ Long service life


Part NO.LPFO-07B
Channel count3~7
Fiber typeSM/MM
Package stylePigtails
Insertion loss(dB)<5
IL WOW(dB)<1
Return loss(dB)>45
Crosstalk(dB) >50
Pulling strength(N)10
Working temp(C) -20 to 65
Connector typeST/FC/SC/LC
Pressure comp.Optional
Max IP ratingIP 68 / 65


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