LPC-12H-IP68 Waterproof Slip Rings

  1. Industry Test equipment
  2. Circuits
  3. Operating Speed
  4. Voltage Rating
  5. Transmission Medium Transfers Power And Data Signals
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Benefits & Features Specifications


Waterproof slip rings (LPC-12H-IP68) can 360 ° rotating joints transmitting power and various signals and communications in a high-humidity environment.The Water test shows that it can run stably working in the water for a long time. JINPAT waterproof slip rings have been widely used in various devices which need to work in the water, and we can customize a variety of waterproof slip rings with high protection level.

Designed for underwater operations, waterproof work and design

Industrial grade products, stator flange, IP65 / P68 optional

Gold - gold contact, Adopt imported sealing and military grade electroplating processing

Multi-point contact, outlet using waterproof Glen, cable and so on

Can be customized according to the requirements



1. Unique contact design provides longer life and maintenance free and stable operation.

2. Modular designs meet the needs of a higher current, speed, shape and so on

3. Diverse shapes support more installation requirements

4. Support signal, power supply and its hybrid transmission

5. It can be used widely in the industrial field.



1. Industrial machines:

Drilling platform, winding machine, end processing machine, hot rolling machine

2. Rotating table:

Winding machine, filling machine, blowing machine, amusement equipment

3. Cable reel:

Port machinery, hoisting lifting equipment, road and bridge machinery, tower

4. Test equipment:

Centrifugal test bench, separator, test equipment

5. Robot:

Packaging equipment, stacking machines, process control equipment, presses

6. Exhibition / display equipment:

Car stand, revolving door, product stand, revolving restaurant

7. Medical equipment:

Shadowless surgical lights, helicopters, radar communications equipment

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