1. Circuits  3 circuits
  2. Electronic & Electrical 480VAC
  3. Mechanic 0-20rpm
  4. Environment -40℃~+80℃ IP65
  5. Life 


Benefits & Features Specifications


Marine slip ring series is  integrated design for the signal slip ring and high-power slip ring, also known as marine slip ring or for the exchange of current slip ring, the main transmission of high-power current and integrated lighting, control signals, Ethernet signals

The series of this slip rings have been optimized from structural design to material matching. The special signal corresponds to the special cable, and the signal is also physically isolated with good shielding effect and strong anti-interference ability. The reasonable structure completely avoids the problem that when the wire is rotating Possible damage and user-friendly installation and regular maintenance. The series slip ring from R & D to market has been widely applied to port machinery, ships, ship crane, drilling and so on.

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