High Speed Slip Rings

  1. Industry Turret / Cable Reel
  2. Circuits 16
  3. Operating Speed 1000-2000 rpm
  4. Voltage Rating 380VAC/DC
  5. Transmission Medium Transfers Power And Data Signals
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Benefits & Features Specifications


Slip rings can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure.

It is also called a rotary electrical interface. It can improve electromechanical capability, simplify system design, eliminate possible damage while rotation. It’s the key apparatus of various precision rotary worktable, electric test instrument, manufacture and process control instrument.

Jinpat series of high speed slip ring provides multi circuits and operational speeds up to 2500 rpm. Our fiber brush technology minimizes contact wear and resultant debris while it extends operational life.


◆  LPS116-16s separate slip ring copper ring diameter is 116mm, 16 circuit pulse signal

◆  high speed, speeds up to 2000rpm

◆  Surface treatment adopts domestic advanced military technology, high precision design

◆  low contact resistance, long life, low torque, reliable operation

◆  Precious metal contact to ensure long working life


Operating Speed

1000-2000 rpm

Number of Circuits



380 V AC/DC

Current Rating


Temperature Range


Contact Material

Silver Graphite

Lead Size

Four-core shielded wire

Lead Lengths

Standard 250 mm (9.843inch)

Dielectric Strength

500 VAC @50Hz, between each circuit

Housing Material

Aluminum alloy

Insulation Resistance

500 MΩ@ 500 VDC

Electric Noise









◆ Exhibit/display equipment

◆ Packaging / wrapping machinery

◆ Semiconductor handling systems

◆ Industrial machinery

◆ rotary index tables

◆ Process control equipment

◆ Heavy equipment turrets or cable reels

◆ Emergency lighting, robotics Palletizing machines, Option

◆  Medical equipment | rotary sensors, emergency lighting, robotics



◆ Work speed

◆ Number of roads

◆ Current

◆ Shape

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