High Frequency Slip RingsLPCC-02A

  1. Circuits 
  2. Electronic & Electrical
  3. Mechanic 0-80rpm
  4. Environment -40~+80℃
  5. Life  Max.10 million turns


Benefits & Features Specifications

LPCC-02 RF Coaxial Connector



RF Coaxial Connector refers to an element which installed on the cable or instrument as transmitting or breaking the line of electrical connections. Also it belongs to Mechanical & Electrical Integration product.

Meanwhile, RF coaxial connector also enjoys a good function of processing signal except for the performance that mentioned above. For example, Filtering, Phase-modulation, Frequency mixing, Attenuation, Detection and so forth. Furthermore, the low VSWR and wastage could be better satisfied with the requirement of weapon system and precise measurement instrument. High-power and capacity mainly adapt to the needs of info-highway development. 


◆ Precious metal contact ensures a long service time

◆ Gold-Gold contact ensures the very low resistance

◆ Compatible with data bus protocols

◆ Operating smoothly and reliably

◆ Low torque

◆ Compact package

Working Temperature-20℃~ +60℃
Working Humidity60%RH or higher
Voltage Rating380VAC/DC
Working Speed80rpm max
Specific Impedance50Ω
Contacting Resistance≤65 mΩ ( Outer Conductor )
≤50 mΩ ( Inner Conductor )
Insulation Resistance≥100MΩ@500VDC
Dielectric Strength≥1000V@50GHz
Insertion Loss≤0.5dB@3GHz
Voltage Stationary Wave≤1.25
Housing MaterialBrass/Zinc plating
Cable Length250mm
Cable SizeRG316
Contact MaterialGold to Gold


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