High Frequency Slip Rings LPCC-01A

  1. Circuits 
  2. Electronic & Electrical
  3. Mechanic 0-80rpm
  4. Environment -40~+80℃
  5. Life  Max.10 million turns


Benefits & Features Specifications

LPCC-01A RF Coaxial Connector



RF Coaxial Connector refers to an element which installed on the cable or instrument as transmitting or breaking the line of electrical connections. Also it belongs to Mechanical & Electrical Integration product.

Meanwhile, RF coaxial connector also enjoys a good function of processing signal except for the performance that mentioned above. For example, Filtering, Phase-modulation, Frequency mixing, Attenuation, Detection and so forth. Furthermore, the low VSWR and wastage could be better satisfied with the requirement of weapon system and precise measurement instrument. High-power and capacity mainly adapt to the needs of info-highway development.

Working Temperature-40℃~ +60℃
Working Humidity60%RH or higher
Voltage Rating380VAC/DC
Working Speed80rpm max
Specific Impedance50Ω
Voltage Stationary Wave≤2
Housing MaterialBrass/Zinc plating
Cable Length250mm
Cable SizeRG316
Contact MaterialGold to Gold


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