Explosion Proof Slip Rings

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Benefits & Features Specifications


Explosion-proof slip ring is also known as explosion-proof conductive slip ring, Explosion-proof convergence ring, explosion-proof collecting ring or flame-proof slip ring. Explosion-proof conductive slip ring is specially used in explosive atmospheres with a high reliability, high protection grade of the conductive slip ring. In structure, this type of conductive slip ring to ensure that it will not become a hidden danger of the explosion when it works in an explosive environment, with the characteristics of no explosion, do not convey the explosion. Currently, the explosion-proof slip ring is still in the stage of  non-standard custom, Customers when selecting a explosion-proof slip ring, it will need to provide the product explosion-proof grade,the number of channels, electrical performances, etc.


1, The highest temperature group, to reach the industry's highest T6 groupup.

2, It can be used in both meeting the explosive gas and dust environment, and suitable for 21, 22, 1, 2 district and so on. 

3, Protection level up to IP66.

4, Fully compliance with relevant national standards, and has been issued by the domestic authority of the explosion-proof certificate.

5, Optimized structural design to ensure that it still has a reliable safety performance in high speed.

6, The use of high ambient temperature, suitable for -30 ~ 60 ℃ working environment.

Certified Product:

Explosion-proof certification, military certification, ISO9001 and so on

Main Application:

1. Land drilling rig
2. Offshore drilling platform
3. Power station machine units
4. Motor system of large ships

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