JINPAT Electrical Rotary Joints for Simulation Table

Rotary joints are needed in simulation tables and multi axis simulator to enable a robust rotation while executing accurate rotating angel and speed.

JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Manufacturer for Offshore Engineering Vessels

JINPAT as a professional slip ring manufacture provides many custom slip ring solution for offshore engineering vessels.

JINPAT Slip Rings for LED Luminaires and Accessories

Slip rings are essential components in the intelligent lighting system.

Brief Introduction of JINPAT USB Slip Rings and HDMI Slip Rings

As the pioneer of the slip ring industry in China, JINPAT electronics took the initiatives in developing USB slip rings and HDMI slip rings.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Automatic Cable Reels

A cable reel makes it possible to lengthen and withhold cables according to practical needs. And to enable power and signals transmission a slip ring is needed.

JINPAT Integrated Through Bore Slip Rings

JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings, also known as hollow shaft slip rings are very hot sale products.

Latest Models of JINPAT High Power Explosion-Proof Slip Rings

Although explosion-proof slip ring only takes up a small market share, JINPAT Electronics has been devoted to doing R&D on this specific slip rings.

Models Introduction of LPMS-12 Super Miniature Slip Rings

LPMS series, super miniature slip rings, has the smallest size among all the slip rings produced by JINPAT.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Robots

In this article we will look into several slip ring models for different robotic devices.

JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings Introduction

Through Bore Slip Ring is named after the feature of its having a bore going through the center of the slip ring unit. It is also called hollow shaft slip ring.