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LPFO-01N-B fiber optic rotary joints

Number of Circuits 1
Lead Size Φ12.5/Φ26*36.6
Wavelength range 650-1650nm ( customized)
Insertion loss <2db
Insertion loss ripple Single-Channel<0.5dB multi-channel<2dB
Return Loss >30
Optional Single mode or multi mode,signal channel or multiple channel
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Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs) are to optical signals what electrical slip rings are to electrical signals, a means to pass signals across rotating interfaces, particularly when transmitting large amounts of data. FORJs maintain the intrinsic advantages of fiber end to end. JINPAT has been producing Fiber Optic Rotary Joints for over Twenty-five years.

Single or Multi-Channel

FORJs are available in single and multi-channel options. The most cost and size efficient options are the single and dual channel designs. If more than two fibers are present in a system, multiplexing solutions are available to combine multiple channels onto one or two fibers to allow the use of a one or two channel FORJ.

LPFO optical slip rings are also known as fiber optic rotary joints, optical rotatory connector. The optical slip ring adopts optical fiber as media. It offers the best solution to transmit great capacity data and signals. The optical slip ring can be integrated with traditional electrical slip rings. The hybrid slip ring model is able to transmit power, signals and high speed data.


Fiber typesSM or MMConnector typesFC/PC
Channel number1Estimated lifecycle>200million revolutions
Wavelength range



Insertion loss<3dBMechanical shock MIL-STD-810G
Insertion loss ripple<1dBIP rating IP54
Weight, approx20gJacket types/
Return loss≥30dBWorkingtemperature-40~80℃
Max Optical power23dBmStoragetemperature-50~+85℃
Maximum speed2000rpm Package styleFC RECEPTACLE on both ends


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