Medical Robot Gain Attention from the Slip Ring Manufacturer

JINPAT Electronics has rotary conductive solutions for surgical robots.

What kind of slip rings are widely used in both commercial industry and military industry

For most manufacturers in the industry, to produce products that are fit for both military and civil purposes is a new and fanatic trend. Slip ring industry is no exception.

JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings Best High Performance Solution for Robots

And among application fields of JINPAT Through Bore Slip Rings, the robot industry is the most important one. Slip rings for the robotic industry are no doubt very characteristic.

Common Applications of 18 to 30 Channels JINPA LPC Capsule Slip Rings

JINPAT Capsule Slip Rings are highly cost effective and have the largest annual production. Today we will look into some capsule slip rings with 18 to 30 channels.

JINPAT Electronics Keeps Pacing Forward in Developing Large Current Slip Ring

JINPAT Electronics has the technical strength to develop and produce slip rings whose single channel capacity exceed 1000A.

JINPAT Electronics Provides Rotary Conductive Solutions for 4K High Definition Video Signals

JINPAT HD video slip ring is now capable of supporting 4K@60Hz transmission. These high definition video signal slip rings are applied on photographing UAVs, photographing rocker arms,etc

Structure Design of Slip Ring Simple is Desirable

JINPAT Electronics, as a pioneer in China’s slip ring industry, has accumulated rich experience in slip ring R&D. And most of our R&D projects unfolds around structure design.

JINPAT Electronics Sponsor for RoboMaster

In the 2022 RoboMasters, JINPAT Electronics takes part in it as a slip ring sponsor.

JINPAT Electronics Multi-Functional Integrated Slip Rings

Both slip rings and rotary unions are most custom products for there are many details should be adjusted according to the installation platforms. Over 90% of JINPAT’s production are custom slip rings

JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Manufacturer for Professional Testing Devices and Equipment

Testing devices are essential in the scientific research and industrial production process. As there is demand for 360-degree rotary transmission, a compatible slip ring is needed.