JINPAT Electronics Provides High Power Slip Rings for Amusement Facilities

JINPAT Large Current Slip Rings are surely a reliable solution for amusement facilities that demand high power transmission and great reliabilities.

JINPAT Electronics Keeps Pacing Forward in Developing Large Current Slip Ring

JINPAT Electronics has the technical strength to develop and produce slip rings whose single channel capacity exceed 1000A.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Recreation Facilities

Most of the recreation facilities need slip ring to enable power support and signal transmission while allowing the facility joints to rotate as programmed.

JINPAT Custom High Power Slip Rings for Amusement Facilities

JINPAT Electronics excels in developing custom high power slip ring solutions for heavy facilities. Today we will look into one custom high power large current slip ring for amusement facility.

Amusement Equipment slip ring

Slip rings comprise an essential part for amusement park equipment. Along with the creative design and unique structures...