JINPAT Slip Rings for Unmanned Vehicles

JINPAT Electronics, as a slip ring supplier with over 20-year experience, is capable and excels in providing custom slip ring solutions for radar systems and electro-optical turret in unmanned vehicle

Slip Rings for Astronaut Training Equipment

And in the astronauts’ daily training, there are lots of electronic facilities that demand slip rings as rotary parts.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Military Devices

With the mature and improving product standard and quality, JINPAT also provides slip rings for military devices. And the genre are custom slip rings that answer to harsh demands.

What Makes JINPAT Electronics Stand Out

JINPAT Electronics is an excellent slip ring supplier. So what makes JINPAT Electronics an edge-cutting and famous slip ring manufacturer?

JINPAT Slip Rings for Intelligent Cooking Machines

JINPAT Capsule Slip Ring for Intelligent Cooking Machine

JINPAT Slip Rings for Marine Industry

For various marine applications, JINPAT Electronics provides custom slip ring solutions.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Automated Production Machines

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer that offer rotary transmission solutions for various application. For automated production machine is no exception.

JINPAT Slip Rings for PTZ Camera

The PTZ camera are very compact design application. JINPAT Electronics as a professional slip ring manufacturer provides slip ring solutions for it.

JINPAT Integrated Slip Rings for Electric Cable Reels

To allow the joints on a cable reel to rotate and enable signals to transmit, an electrical slip ring is needed.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Legged Robots

Legged robots imitate the movements of human or animal legs. To allow flexible movement and signal transmission on the robots, slip rings are needed.