Conductive slip rings for robots in the 2023 RoboMaster Mech Masters

The new RoboMaster Mech Masters season is about to start. Due to some changes in the rules of the new season, the teams have to update some of their robots. Hero robots, Sentry robots, and infantry...

What Makes JINPAT Electronics Stand Out

JINPAT Electronics is an excellent slip ring supplier. So what makes JINPAT Electronics an edge-cutting and famous slip ring manufacturer?

JINPAT Electronics Your Best Slip Ring Provider

JINPAT Electronics, based in Shenzhen China, is an established slip ring manufacturer that provides both standard slip rings and custom slip rings.

JINPAT Electronics Product Testing Center, Safeguard for High Quality Slip Rings

Large and Advanced Testing Center To Safeguard Quality of JINPAT Slip Rings.

Where to Buy Slip Rings JINPAT Electronics Your First Option

JINPAT has been making down-to-earth effort in our slip ring products and service.Contact us now to join a business journey that you won’t regret!

JINPAT ,professional slip ring manufacturer wishes mothers all over the world :Happy Mother's Day

JINPAT ,professional slip ring manufacturer wishes mothers all over the world :Happy Mother's Day

JINPAT Electronics Professional Slip Ring Manufacturer

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer. We are specialized in providing conductive rotary transmission solutions.

Spring flowers bloom, ushering in JINPAT's birthday party

Good things may be late, but never be absent. Due to the epidemic, in this warm spring April,JINPAT company carefully planned a late but full of love activity- the birthday party of all employees f...

What Makes JINPAT Slip Rings Stand Out

So what makes JINPAT Slip Rings stand out among all the brands?

JINPAT Electronics, Sidekick of the Pandemic Fighter

JINPAT devotes its effort by providing slip rings and rotary joints for the automated production lines and that medical equipment with rotary transmission demands.