APPLICATION - Total Station Detector
The industry of testing instruments is applied to the testing of industrial products and it is widely used in modern scientific research experiments, precision testing systems, automatic detection and control systems in production processes and various management automation systems in domestic industrial production. Conductive slip ring is an important part of it, which can improve mechanical performance, simplify system design and solve the problems of electrical and signal transmission.
JINPAT has been committed to developing high-quality and long-life conductive slip rings that can meet the testing equipment of instruments and instruments in all walks of life since it entered the slip ring field in 1996. So far, the slip rings used in testing instruments include LPC cap slip ring, LPM micro slip ring, LPT hollow shaft slip ring, optical fiber slip ring, high frequency slip ring, industrial Ethernet slip ring, USB slip ring, HD video slip ring and various integrated hybrid slip rings.
They all have the following characteristics: the protection grade can reach up to IP68, low temperature resistant special design ensures that the slip ring can work normally at - 60 ° ~ + 120 ℃ and transmission of Ethernet, USB, RS, CANbus, FireWire, servo motor signal, encoder signal, strain gauge, thermocouple, HDMI HD video and other signals.
At the same time, it has the characteristics of high service life, maintenance free and customizable. Typical product models include LPC-36A, LPFO-02B, etc
Features and Advantages:
1. Advanced fiber brush technology is adopted, with compact appearance 2. Ensure low friction, low contact resistance and no friction debris 3. Transmit analog and digital signals, compatible with data bus protocol 4. Super long service life, maintenance free and lubrication free 5. 360 ° continuous rotation transmits power or data signals 6. IP68 high protection grade 7. Extensible design to meet all kinds of signal transmission, such as serial port signal, Ethernet signal, RS signal, etc.