High-end metal slip ring

2023-05-07 13:18 JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT high-end metal slip ring is the latest high-endslip ring series launched by JINPAT company, which is an upgraded version ofthe JINPAT standard slip ring with overall performance improvement. The JINPAThigh-end metal slip ring adopts internationally leading advanced surfacetreatment technology and an aluminum alloy shell, which greatly enhances theoverall strength and accuracy of the slip ring. In addition, the JINPAThigh-end metal slip ring has more stable performance, high dimensional accuracy,beautiful appearance, high electrical performance, good formability, and can bemass-produced. This series of slip rings adopts gold-to-gold contact design,with smaller contact resistance and friction, ensuring the stability andultra-long service life of the equipment.

In the JINPAT high-end metal slip ring series, LPC-12ANis an upgraded version of the standard capsule slip ring, with overallperformance improvement. It uses high-end gold-colored aluminum alloy material,with an outer diameter of 20mm, a length of 26.4m, 12 channels, 2A/roadelectronic and electrical applicable in environments ranging from -20 to +80, with aprotection level of IP40 or higher. LPC-12AN adopts leading high-standardsurface treatment technology, with more precise and compact internal structure.It uses gold-to-gold contact design, ensuring the stability and service life ofthe equipment, and is mainly used in civilian and commercial fields. LPC-12ANslip ring runs smoothly, with a compact structure, low torque, and compatiblewith data bus protocols. The stator and rotor lines are connected using coloredwires to simplify circuit connections. The conductive ring adopts a 90-degreeV-groove design, with smooth rotation, low torque, and low electrical noiseperformance.


The JINPAT high-end metal slip ring series is mainly usedin security monitoring, photography and videography, robotics, testinginstruments, turntables, and automation equipment. For users with higherrequirements for slip ring performance and standards, they can contact JINPAT'ssales engineers to recommend suitable slip ring models or design custom sliprings.