Technical Introduction of JINPAT Pin Connection Slip Ring

Among all our slip ring products, JINPAT Pin Connection Slip Ring is no doubt a very special branch.

JINPAT Electronics Module Design Slip Rings for Military Equipment

As an established slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has a large quantity of slip rings for military devices. Some of these slip rings are for traditional weapons and others are for new military devices.

Latest JINPAT Radio Frequency Slip Ring

JINPAT Electronics has published a latest high frequency slip ring, LPHF-01K is a product with high peak power.

LPMS-05/08D Smallest Slip Rings by JINPAT Electronics

Among all the JINPAT slip ring, the LPMS super miniature slip ring branch is with the smallest size. And of this category, LPMS-05D and LPMS-08D happened to the tiniest.

JINPAT Electronics Slip Ring Provider for Agricultural Machineries

Electrical slip rings, as irreplaceable conductive rotary parts are frequently used in modern agriculture machineries and equipment.

Features and Advantages of JINPAT Rotary Unions

Aside from the standard rotary union models, JINPAT Electronics provides personalized design to fit client’s unique demands.

JINPAT Hybrid Electric Pneumatic Hydraulic Slip Rings for Ship Podded Propulsion System

Today, we will be looking into an application field that is more demanding, the ship podded propulsion system. JINPAT has very mature slip ring solutions for it.

JINPAT Flat Slip Rings for Devices with Limited Space

Flat slip ring is especially fit for electronic devices with limited space in axial direction.

JINPAT Rotary Unions and Integrated Solutions

Aside from slip rings, rotary unions that transmit fluid and gas are also JINPAT’s major products. Rotary unions are also known as rotating unions and rotary joints.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Medical Equipment and Instruments

JINPAT is capable of providing slip ring with different characteristics for various kinds of medical equipment and instruments.