JINPAT Vehicular Slip Rings

2022-10-07 20:49 JINPAT Electronics

With the development of modern technology on the vehicles, there is an increasing demand in transmitting signals and power between the stationary parts and the rotating parts on the vehicles. Electrical slip rings and rotary joints are efficient solutions for such application scene. JINPAT Electronics provides practical vehicular slip rings to fulfill such demand. To better product performances, JINPAT Electronics conducts lots of simulation tests and field tests on the vehicular slip rings. JINPAT ensures the clients get the efficient and endurable slip rings. JINPAT vehicular slip rings win a good reputation among clients around the world.

JINPAT vehicular slip rings are applied in various vehicles like winches, construction cranes, offshore cranes, excavators, tanks with weapon station and fire engine, etc. As you can see, vehicles with rotary transmission demands are those with specific functions. And therefore to cater different usage, a custom design is needed.

JINPAT vehicular slip rings are highly integrated components. For instance, to fit in the hydraulic system of a vehicle, JINPAT develops an integrated slip ring with hydraulic module. One of the typical vehicle slip ring is LPA000-04300-01PE-11S. This integrated slip ring is specially designed for oil rig. To allow high volume of power to pass through and transmit control signal at the same time, there are 4 300A power channels and 11 signal channels. The large current slip ring takes up module design. With a relatively independent hydraulic channel, this slip ring is able to keep a smooth and reliable transmission of fluid, power and signals while rotating constantly.

Aside from the large current slip ring branch, JINPAT also favors through bore slip ring as a base to develop vehicle rotary joint. Why? Because the central bore structure allow space to make further integration. Also the hollow shaft design facilitates the installation on vehicle parts like crane arms and rotary shaft. LPTS000-0602 is an integrated through bore slip ring developed for excavators.

JINPAT vehicle slip rings are high-end products. The connectors of these slip rings are compatible with various vehicle cables. JINPAT slip ring adopts gold-to-gold contact. With optional parameters, clients can work with our slip ring experts to make a slip ring perfectly fit for them. Aside from the electric-hydraulic integration, JINPAT Electronics also provides more edge-cutting technology. According their needs, clients can order an electro-optic slip ring or that can transmit radio frequency signals.  

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