Slip Rings for HDMI/3G-SDI

Such Slip Rings are designed especially for HDMI/3G-SDI transmission, usually having the characteristics of precious metal contact, aluminum alloy housing, with a protection level up to IP65. It has a long service life up to 10 million turns and customizable wire length. Furthermore, it is water-proof, pressure-proof, vibration resistant and of good reliability and quality, certified by GB/T19001-2008/ IS09001:2008



A high definition signal slip ring developed first by our company, taking the lead of originality in its area with advanced design idea and manufacturing technology.

Be able to transmit HDMI high definition videos, together with USB3.0, power, and common signal at one time.

Light and compact, lowering the weight of the whole set of VR equipment and installation space.

Applied to VR area and a high definition video transmission in the rotation of VR instrument without interruption or data package loss during a very long-time operation.

Stable transmission of HDMI video signal with 2K@90Hz, certified by stringent tests and acknowledged by all customers for years.


Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPT000-0204-0202-07S-HD01-02U2 10 240VAC
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