USB Slip Rings

The USB3.0 Slip Ring is specially designed for USB transmission with USB patented technology, usually having the characteristics of 5 circuits per pair, working voltage of 5V, inner diameter of 20mm, precious metal contact, aluminum alloy housing, with a protection level up to IP65. It has a long service life up to 10 million turns and wire of USB3.0 female. Furthermore, it is water-proof, pressure-proof, and vibration resistant and of good reliability and quality.


Built-in USB female terminal, wireless, USB male terminal quick plug- in is supported.

Stable transmission, no data package loss or code cross, minor return loss or insertion loss down to 5dB@2.5GHz.

Military cladding technology, noble mental contact and long service life more than 10 million turns.

No surge kind interference and occasionally drop USB connection with extremely low BER (bit error rate) up to 10E-11.

Compact design, with an outer diameter down to 5.5mm and length to 9.6mm.

Multi-channel USB slip rings could be achieved by customization, up to 12 circuits. 

Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPT020-U2 1 Φ20 5 / USB2.0sinal
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