Wind Turbine with JINPAT Slip Ring Transmitter

With a data protocol, a wind turbine having a slip ring transmitter between a nacelle and a rotor hub for transmitting electrical signals. The slip ring transmitter is equipped with a signal evaluation device on the reception side and with a signal amplifier device on the transmission side. The signal amplifier device amplifies voltage values of signals for transmission via a slip ring transmitter. The signal evaluation device sets signals received via the slip ring transmitter to a value corresponding to the data protocol.

In the rotor hub of a wind turbine there are various systems, such as for example the pitch systems for the rotor blades, which are controlled by a central operational management system of the wind turbine. In order to control the pitch systems, and also in order to communicate signals of the pitch systems to the operational management system, data transmission is necessary between the rotating rotor hub and the stationary nacelle.

In wind turbines, slip ring transmitters have proven useful when transmitting electrical signals and electrical power between a rotating rotor hub and a fixed nacelle. For the transmission of electrical signals it is possible to use a galvanic, optical, inductive or capacitive transmission path. The disadvantage when using electrical slip ring transmitters is that faults frequently occur during the transmission of data. JINPAT could solve the data transmission problem of slip ring perfectly.

Slip rings are commonly used in wind turbines to provide electrical signals and power for blade pitch control systems. JINPAT’s rotary and fiber optic products incorporate the latest design technology. Product features are based on years of proven performance in numerous wind turbines and demanding industrial applications. Our wind power products have standard configurations that are flexible and allow us to quickly tailor a product to meet each customerunique set of requirements.


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