What If There Is a Large Loss of Optical Fiber Slip Ring

2020/6/30 15:36:29

The optical fiber slip rings produced by JINPAT Electronics are all produced in a clean room. Strict quality testing is performed at the factory. The optical fiber ferrule of the connector is covered. The service life and performance of the optical fiber slip rings are relatively stable, so there is generally no problem. 

When the optical fiber slip ring is installed for the first time, the site must be kept clean. If the optical fiber connector has no dust cover or is exposed to the air for a long time, the fine dust in the environment will adhere to the optical fiber ferrule, causing larger insertion loss. At this time, we must clean the optical fiber ferrule. The requirements for cleaning the optical fiber ferrule are: use clean paper, clean cloth or clean cloth dipped in absolute alcohol to wipe. If there is a product that uses a dust cap to cover the fiber ferrule, but the insertion loss is still large, you can first determine the performance of the fiber slip ring by the rotation change of the insertion loss. If the loss during rotation exceeds the standard, it may be due to abnormal performance of the optical fiber slip ring structure. 

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