UUV Slip Rings

       UUV, short for unmanned underwater vehicles, is also known as underwater drones. JINPAT has collaborated with some renowned research institute and developed a capsule slip ring that finish transmission task for the drone in underwater operation.

      Taking the potential circumstances confronting underwater operation, JINPAT slip ring is designed with a high protection level of IP68. It is capable of working normally in the depth of 100m under water. Whether it is for remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), water distorting transmission is avoided in submerged operation to support accomplishment of more than one task. Stainless steel material is adopted for the UUV slip ring to resist rust and corrosion. Superior electric performance keeps reliable in 300 rpm rotating speed. Applied to the equipment, it enjoys a long service life to provide 10 million revolutions in real-time underwater operation.



Circuits: 2 ckt* 6A

Working Voltage: 240VAC/DC

Working Speed: 0~300 rpm

Protection Level: IP68

Working Range: 100m depth under water

Life: 10 million turns


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