The Size Limit Problem Solved by Separate Slip Rings

2017/9/10 15:20:10

The Size Limit Problem Solved by Separate Slip Rings


The separate slip ring, as the name implies, is the split slip ring, the rotor and the stator are separate from each other. Because of the limitation of space or cost, a sealed structural slip ring cannot meet the customer's requirements, JINPAT provides rotor and contact brush in some applications according to customer's needs to solve such a problem, especially for fine precision instruments.

The outer diameter of the separate slip ring is from 3.5mm to 17.3mm and the design precision is very high. The surface treatment adopts domestic leading military technology, low contact resistance, long service life, and reliable operation, especially suitable for small rotating system transmission weak control signal. LPS series separate slip ring can provide rotor and contact brush combinations of 2 to 10 circuits, including central perforation and no holes types for selection.

The application of separate slip ring in various production processing and packaging equipment is really numerous, such as robots, material handling systems, processing centers, rotary processing platforms, packaging machinery and so on. In addition, JINPAT separate slip ring can also be applied to CCTV and camera stand, rotary sensors and emergency lighting equipment, aviation, defense, instructions and medical equipment.

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