The Correct Use And Installation Guidelines Of Capsule Slip Rings

This series of product enjoys high precision and adopts advanced military technique of surface-processing. So how to use and install it is very important. The steps as follows:

1. This series of slip ring is designed as flange type that is fixed on a sleeve holder.
2. Rotor should be driven by a kind of flexible connecting material (such as rubber hose or helix
tube). wires of rotor can be used as a drive at a certain of speed.
3. The screw with a gasket can avoid that the flange is too tight.
4. Slip ring can not bear weights of all connectors, hence rotary devices should be locked up to avoid
weight added on rotor of slip ring.
5. Slip ring should be protected from dust and moisture, protective cover should be
equipped with when using outdoors.
6. Protect the surface of all wires from damaging when rotating , and all ends of wires
can not bear weight when arranging wires. When wire cable is too long, the middle part should be fixed to avoid the wire cable swing and impact on performance and life time of the slip ring.

7. Don't damage wire skin when dealing with wire end.

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