The Characteristics and Application of JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring

2020/9/2 14:46:54

Pancake slip ring, including stator, rotor and shrapnel. One end of the shrapnel is connected to the stator, and the other end is in contact with the rotor. The stator and the rotor are respectively provided with mounting holes to install the pancake slip ring on the equipment, and the rotor is welded the wire, that is, an extension of an industrial slip ring with a hole in the center.

Due to the limited height of the customer’s installation space for the slip ring, JINPAT introduced a pancake slip ring according to actual needs. The thickness of the pancake slip ring is much thinner than other specifications of slip ring. The characteristic is that it cannot be integrated in the axial direction and can only develop in the radial direction. The outer diameter is larger. The contact is made of precious metal. The contact form of the brush wire is shrapnel contact, which has the advantages of high stability, low torque, low electrical noise, and long service life.

JINPAT can customize slip rings with different shaft diameters, current sizes, voltages, wire lengths, terminal types, installation methods, number of channels, speeds, protection levels and other parameters according to customer requirements.

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