The Application of JINPAT Slip Ring in Instrumentation Industry

As an experienced slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics can provide a variety of precision slip rings for the instrumentation industry. The range of terminal applications corresponding to products in the instrumentation industry is extremely wide, so there are many types of slip rings required.

The microwave digestion instrument is an important instrument specially developed for chemistry and other related industries. It can determine the parameters of related substances by observing chemical reactions. As a high-tech precision instrument, some components need to be rotated and conductively supported, so slip rings must be installed. The slip ring for microwave digestion instrument is relatively simple, just a capsule medium-sized standard product, its model is LPC-06B, the slip ring has 6 channels 2A current, a total of 2.64Kw of power can be transmitted. This slip ring will be installed on a rotating joint of the intelligent microwave abatement instrument, and assumes the important task of rotating and conducting.

Let's take another look at the slip ring of LPC-06B. Its measurements are: length 19.2mm, diameter 22mm, flange diameter 45mm, and its total volume is very compact. In addition, this type of slip ring has a high-protection version, reaching IP54, and the length of the slip ring has reached 26.4mm. All JINPAT standard slip rings are made of high-gloss gold-plated copper rings and copper alloy gold-plated brush wires. They have excellent electrical performance and a basic life of up to 5 million revolutions.

The annual output of JINPAT's standard slip rings is relatively large, which enables application terminals such as microwave abatement devices to solve complex rotating conduction problems at a very low cost. Not only microwave abatement instrument, JINPAT standard capsule slip ring is also commonly used in instrumentation equipment such as laser rangefinder, total station and biochemical analyzer.

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