The Advantages of JINPAT Slip Ring

2020/5/5 15:29:08

JINPAT has been cultivating the slip ring for more than 20 years. Today we talk about its main advantages:

1. Pre-sales support

From concept-prototype-batch, we provide customers with all professional advice and services.

2. Product development

We have industry-leading technology and can customize application slip rings in various fields according to customer needs.

3. Experimental verification

We have advanced experimental equipment, which can simulate various complex working conditions: high and low temperature shock, vibration shock, etc., to ensure the design quality.

4. Documentation

We have a strict document control process mechanism to keep all documents and materials from pre-sales, research and development, manufacturing, quality control, warehousing, logistics, and after-sales to ensure that product-related information can be traced within the use cycle.

5. Molding

JINPAT has its own mold manufacturing workshop and injection molding workshop, which can realize mold design, manufacturing and injection production. Our mold engineers have more than 20 years of experience in injection mold design and manufacturing.

6. Machining

JINPAT workshop has advanced CNC machine tools, which can process and produce parts with high precision.

7. Assembly

JINPAT adheres to the production concept of lean manufacturing and integrates the production methods of assembly line operations to ensure high product quality, high efficiency and timely delivery.

8. Quality control

JINPAT has complete experimental equipment, which can perform various performance and environmental reliability tests. At the same time, we have a complete quality control mechanism to ensure that each product has high quality, high performance and high reliability.


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