The Advantage of JINPAT Pneumatic Hydraulic Electric Slip Rings

2017/9/14 15:41:50

The Advantage of JINPAT Pneumatic Hydraulic Electric Slip Rings

The electric combination slip ring is a rotary solution consisted of an electric slip ring and a hydraulic or pneumatic rotary joint, so it is called electric rotary joint or electro-hydraulic swivel joint. With the development of industrial technology, the requirements of some special industrial equipment for the electrical combination slip ring have been improved. In order to satisfy these demands of pneumatic (hydraulic) electric slip ring, under the unremitting efforts of Jinpat 

researchers, they finally developed a special solution of this special equipment. The products remedy the defects of existing slip rings which can transmit the power supply only, while can’t transmit gas, liquid, etc.  

JINPAT developed pneumatic hydraulic electric slip ring is gold-gold contacts, lifetime up to 100 million round, 90 ° V-groove design, 360-degree smooth and unlimited rotation, transmitting gas, liquid, power, signals and other media with low torque, low wear, low electrical noise.

Its high transmission rate and stable transmission ability meet the needs of more fields. Liquid or gas pipe size of this hybrid slip ring can be customized according to customers’ request. Its high efficiency is completely ahead of similar slip ring.


Typical Applications:

Industrial equipment

Industrial exhibition stand

Electrical test equipment

Medical equipment

Robot, test instrument, turntable, rate table

Automated equipment

Special applications:

The pneumatic (hydraulic) + electric slip ring is designed with the electric slip ring and the pneumatic slip ring as a whole, so that the structure is relatively compact, easy installation and use. The utility model realizes synchronous rotation and supply of gas source and power via same one slip ring, which is not only realizes unlimited rotation, but also has high safety and reliability. Present types are: electric mixing slip ring, pneumatic + hydraulic mixed slip ring, mercury slip ring, capsule slip ring, miniature slip ring, hollow shaft slip ring, photoelectric slip ring, high current slip ring, separate slip ring, HD slip ring, high-frequency slip ring, etc. They are widely installed in military, maritime, medical equipment, robotics, wind power, security, construction, heavy duty and instruments industry, it can be said that as long as the equipment of electrical instruments are needed, we can see the figure of JINPAT slip ring.

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