Sweeping Robot Slip Ring

2020/5/26 14:20:58

  New products of intelligent sweeping robots come out frequently, and slip rings help the core technology. The intelligent principle of many intelligent sweeping robots: they use lidar for real-time ranging, positioning, and drawing. Lidar is a high-end sensor and has a huge amount of data calculation The core technology used by Lidar in life is severely restricted by internal slip ring components.

   Many devices such as laser sensors on the sweeping robot require 360 ° rotation and conduction, so a slip ring must be used. Due to the extremely small size of the robot, the requirements for the size of each part are more stringent, and a tiny slip ring is required. Floor sweeping robots generally work indoors, and have certain requirements for the noise generated when the slip ring is running.


    For a 360-degree rotation conductive device such as a sweeping robot, a small machine system that needs to transmit a variety of sensor signals. JINPAT LPC, LPM series slip ring adopts standardization and modular design, compact structure, smooth operation, low working noise and long service life. It is the perfect choice for sweeping robot. Typical sweeping robot slip ring are: LPM-04B(0), LPC-06AU-04 etc.The slip rings of these three models are designed with flanges with mounting holes. The mounting hole size and position can be adjusted according to the customer’s specific installation requirements.


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