Special Turntable Slip Ring in Aerospace

2020/3/31 10:35:08

JINPAT turntable slip ring has good controllability, safety, and is not subject to meteorological conditions and airspace restrictions. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation and other defense fields. 

As a high-precision motion simulation equipment, the mechanical structure and mechanical properties of the turntable mechanical platform directly affect the dynamic accuracy of its simulation. Since many of the tested mechanisms have spins, the signal cannot be transmitted normally. The application of the slip ring solves this problem.

This turntable slip ring has a total of 131 passages, using precious metal brush wire as the contact material, which avoids the noise generated by the mechanical slip ring during signal transmission and improves the signal quality. The Ethernet loop uses a shield structure to transmit signals stably. The overall structure is compact, high precision, small in size, dense in wiring and long in service life, thus reducing maintenance costs.

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