Special Slip Ring for Drones and Steady Shot

2020/8/19 10:43:55

In order to maintain the stability of the lens during shooting, drone will install a gimbal with image stabilization function. Conductive pan/tilt slip ring can effectively solve the uninterrupted transmission of signal and current when the lens is rotated and observed.


JINPAT's LPM/LPMS series are the most widely used slip rings for drones and steady shot. Such as LPMS-05D, which is the smallest in JINPAT's ultra-mini slip ring.Its diameter is only 5.5mm, and its length is only 9.6mm. With high design accuracy and lightweight, it can work normally at an altitude of 0-8000m.


For high-definition signal transmission of more high-end aerial drones, Jingpei has recently developed 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI ultra-high-definition video signals.IP68 and an instantaneous current capacity of 50A are available.


At present, JINPAT's ultra-mini slip ring has been widely used in various handheld gimbals and ultra-small consumer drones, and its market share has exceeded 70%. It is a veritable industry pioneer.

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