Slip Rings for VR Devices Conjure Up a More Authentic Reality

The VR technology appeared in the movie Ready Player One is rather impressive. And gamer around the world as well as the VR technology developer all looking for forward to reach a new VR era like the Oasis in the movie. Thankfully, Virtual Reality is heading the right way. 

The VR technology appeared in the movie Ready Player One is rather impressive. And gamer around the world as well as the VR technology developer all looking for forward to reach a new VR era like the Oasis in the movie. Thankfully, Virtual Reality is heading the right way. Nowadays, VR headsets have become an accessible product. Some of they adopt wireless data transmission, others, especially those used by gamers still adopt wires for better, larger data transmit. And for these latter kinds of VR headsets, slip rings are essential component. JINPAT Electronics has developed HDMI slip rings for VR headsets.


The latest JINPAT HDMI slip ring can transmit both HDMI signals and USB signals. With the built-in interface, JINPAT HDMI slip ring is rather convenient to install. The HDMI signal transmission rate of JINPAT slip ring reaches 2160×1080P@90HZ (2K ultra-clear video). This high definition data transmit is constant and reliable which enhances the performance of VR headsets and therefore provides gamers immersive experience.


As for latest VR trends, developers are finding better ways to replace VR controller to bring even better user experience. Motion tracking VR devices and mechanical trackers are used to capture the body movement as an input to the VR games. These devices are more flexible and ergonomic than sheer VR controller bar. And of course, they are much more complex. Slip rings are also installed in these devices to support signal and data input.


JINPAT has many successful cases in developing VR slip rings, and earned a good reputation among the customers. Seeing the rise of VR technology, JINPAT will spare no effort in developing up-to-date slip ring models and keep pace with the trend.     

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