Slip Ring for Barrier Gate in Parking Lots

       Electrical slip rings, as we know, can be used at any electromechanical device that requires 360° continuous power and signal transmission from rotating to stationary parts. However, a slip ring fails to be suitable for any device. That is to say, tailor-made slip ring is required when it is applied in a specific area.

       Barrier gate, also known as vehicle blocker, is special access control equipment used to restrict motor vehicles on the road. The barrier gate slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is designed to transfer sensor signal in 4ckt, and use another 4 circuits for Canbus transmission, which contains shielding setting. Also, other 4 circuits are aimed at transmitting 2A current to control 0.75KW three-phase motor. When operating the lifting lever, the gate for parking lots maintains no error with the slip ring, which has a large dielectric strength working in a 400 VAC voltage.

去型号 LPM-30B.jpgMain Parameter

● Circuits: 4ckt*Sensor signal, 4ckt* Canbus, 4ckt*2A

● Voltage: 100V/ 400 AC/DC

● Dielectric Strength: between circuits 1000VAC@50Hz (current);200VAC@50Hz(signal)

● Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ@500VDC (current); ≥100MΩ@200VDC (signal)

● Electrical Noise: 35mΩ

● Wire Size: φ0.85-AWG26#, φ.6-AWG30#, φ0.5-AWG30#

● Working Speed: 0~300rpm

● Contact: Gold to gold

● Housing: Aluminum alloy

● Working Temperature:-20~+75

● Working Humidity: 60%RH

● Protection Grade: IP40


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