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Our advantages:

The first domestic high-tech enterprises in the slip ring industry

Excellent corporate culture

A deep understanding of the product

Competitive research and development design

Rich product quality management experience

JINPAT  Technical Strengths:

Professional - more than 15 years of slip ring R & D background

Powerful - a team of nearly 100 engineers

Focus - 20 years has been focused on rotating conductive technology

Ambitious - to be a truly outstanding leader in slip ring business, to provide customers with the most reliable slip ring and solutions

With strong research and development strength, years of development and production experience, JINPAT Electronics can not only provide general industrial conductive slip ring, but also designed according to customer requirements, custom-specific slip ring. From single to 500 channels, from milliamps to 3000 amperes, from millivolts to 35,000 volts, from 0 to 10,000 revolutions per minute, from plain electrical slip rings to fibers, high frequency slip rings, and other special requirements such as high and low temperature, harsh environment, high life expectancy, high degree of protection, explosion-proof, etc.), we can meet customer needs.

JINPAT Warranty Ability:

High product accuracy

High-speed and reliable transmission

Very low electrical noise

Great adaptability to different environments

Long product life

Improve the inspection methods and processes

JINPAT has passed the national military standard quality management system certification and ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

In the "customer satisfaction, full participation, pragmatic innovation, excellence," the quality policy, quality management objectives, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence.

JINPAT Pre-sale Service:

Understand customer technical requirements

Understand customer product conditions

Draw up a preliminary solution

Joint customers to discuss solutions

Product simulation client actual use

JINPAT After-sales Service:

Free guide to install the service

Product "three guarantees" service

Customer complaints 7 * 24H 24/7 response

Lifelong service, regular visits

Customer satisfaction 100%

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